Why Journalism?

Journalism can cover any topic and takes the form of many roles. The diverse range of subjects is brought together by one common factor; they are all reported on in similar ways. What we think of as traditional journalism usually takes the form of newspaper articles, television and radio broadcasts all of which are divided into subsections depending on the topic.

All journalism aims to give a fair representation of current events and the information must be new. Journalism is therefore continually changing and being updated much like the topics it is covering.

In recent years new media platforms have emerged to become a huge influence in journalism. The rise of blogging has meant journalism is now accessible to everyone and they are free to choose what they want to report on. These blogs can be written, photo blogs or even video blogs, with sites such as YouTube giving everyone access to upload their thoughts.

It’s the easiest way to gain writing experience and see your work reach a mass audience; and now all from sitting behind a desk and writing about something you enjoy.

Social media such as Twitter and Facebook have also had a huge impact on journalism. Someone tweeting about an event or posting a status about something that has taken place often do not even realise they are involved in journalism; but they are in fact contributing to the flow of news and spread of information, however little it may be.

Current events are shared and information is received through all means of communication these days, not just through the television and newspapers.

In fact, the speed at which information can be updated online compared to releasing a newspaper has led many people to believe traditional forms of media and journalism are dying out. For example, the Storify below shows the first coverage of the Osama Bin Laden raid, reported on Twitter by a next door neighbour who was confused by the commotion:


Journalism is everywhere and is required on a day-to-day basis, and anyone is capable of being a journalist in modern times.

I’d just like to get paid for it one day!

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